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Cauliflower Audio

Who:Adam Boose

What:Mastering Engineer

Where:Cleveland, Ohio

API Gear:API 2500 Bus Compressor

From the Street:

Since it was founded in 2007, Cauliflower Audio has established itself with a growing discography spanning four continents. Adam has mastered records for Dawes, Reggie and the Full Effect, Joy Electric, Dean and Britta, This Town Needs Guns, The Millions NE, and much more.

Of the API analog compressor in his mastering rig, Adam shares "I love the versatility first and foremost. Always has the API bite, but can gently massage or chew up beautifully, depending on the application."

About Cauliflower Audio:

Cauliflower Audio is an analog and digital mastering studio in Cleveland, Ohio. It specializes in pre-mastering for vinyl and digital formats. Cauliflower also has the ability to cut master lacquers, so you can see vinyl projects through each step of the mastering process. Why is it called Cauliflower? Because it's Adam's wife's favorite vegetable.

More:; Facebook
Contact: 440-539-5457;; Twitter

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