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Doctor Sound Mix

Who:Kevin "Doctor Sound" Fazio

What:Freelance Producer, Engineer (tracking/mixing/mastering)

Where:New Jersey

API Gear:API custom built console, circa 1976 with 550A EQ, 525 compressor/limiter and moving fader automation.

API 3124mb+ 4 preamps

From the Street:

Doctor Sound is a freelance producer and engineer who works throughout several studios, including Pyramid Recording Studios in New York City, and 440 Recording Studios in Woodland Park, NJ. He works primarily with hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock artists including Llyod Banks, Lady Luck, T.I, Wale, and Havoc.

"The 550A EQ is one of the best equalizers ever made. I like the separation it allows me to give instruments in my mix. It gives them very distinguishing characteristics, which is extremely helpful in songs where instruments are grouped in a crowded frequency range. The EQ is unparalleled in its warm and rich sound. I also love the simplicity of the EQ and its extreme sensitivity. Just a +2db or -2 db adjustment, and it sounds like you moved a mountain on some small near-field monitors.

"The one and only thing that digital recording plug-ins do is emulate and copy to the best of its ability the warm, rich, smooth and vibrant sound of analog gear such as the API EQs and compressors."

About Doctor Sound:

Kevin "Doctor Sound" Fazio has been an audio engineer and music producer since 2001 and is the chief engineer at Doctor Sound Mix. After graduating first in his class at The Institute of Audio Research, he started out as an intern for Battery Studios, which was Jive Records in-house recording studio. He was then promoted to an assistant engineer, and began working in the rooms with Jive Recording artists including Britney Spears, NSYNC, and Aaron Carter. After gaining experience at Battery Studios, Doctor Sound began to freelance around the industry, and has been doing so since 2003.

More: DOCTORSOUNDMIX.COM; Soundcloud, YouTube
Contact:; Twitter

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