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Noise Factory Studio

Who:Alessio Camagni

What:Engineer, producer, studio owner

Where:Milan, Italy

API Gear:1608 console

2500 compressor

Several 512 mic pre's in a 10 slot API frame

From the Street:

Since Noise Factory studio was created in 2001, Alessio Camagni and his crew have worked with several different studio configurations before reaching the perfect setup: a 1608 console, 2500 compressor, and several 512 mic pre's in a 10-slot API frame. "I can say we are a true fan of API equipment!" shares Alessio.

"The 1608 console is the heart of one of our control rooms. We chose it because we needed a very colored sound. We like the sound so much- There's something weird/fascinating that occurs from mic pre to program out, raising only a fader. It's the first time an engineer can indulge in becoming lazy in the digital era!

"The 512 pre is a standard. The quality and reputation is indispensable for a recording studio."

About Noise Factory Studio:

Noise Factory is a point of reference for rock/ pop-rock production in Italy, independent or not. The studio works with artists of different genres, allowing you to hear metal-core music in a control room, but the sound of a violin coming from the open door of a second room. The studio never compromises sound quality, and is stubborn- always respecting the artist and the audio profession.

More:; Facebook
Contact: (+39) 02 55230906;

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