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Jake Miller

Who:Jake Miller

What:Producer, mixer, engineer

Where:Various London studios including Lightship 95 and RAK Studios

API Gear:550 & 560 EQs

From the Street:

"I really love the API 550 and 560 units. They sound great on anything. No plug-in I've heard does the hardware justice. The frequencies available on the EQs are really suited to how I like to cut and boost drums, guitars, and keyboards. I've used them on all sorts of other stuff as well. They're just very musical sounding pieces of equipment, and the harmonic distortion that builds up never seems harsh or ugly."

"I like that in studios with API consoles, I don't really have to think about what preamps I'll save for what. I know that if I decided to put every single mic in the session down the console pres, it would still come out sounding great."

About Jake Miller:

As a producer, mixer, and engineer, Jake Miller likes to see projects through to the end. While working all over London, he spends much of his time behind API consoles at Lightship 95 and RAK Studios. Jake also does engineering projects for producer/songwriter/composer Guy Sigsworth, who is best known for his work with Björk, Seal, and Madonna.

Contact:; Twitter

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