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KORE Studios

Who:George Apsion

What:Head engineer/Managing Director

Where:West London, U.K.

API Gear:32 Channel 1608, Three 512c Mic Amps, 550 EQ, 2500 compressor.

From the Street:

"KORE has a reputation as a great tracking space, and we wanted a console that would reflect and enhance that reputation. We used to rely on outboard mic amps to record, whilst using our console just for monitoring. I wanted a console that had great onboard mic amps/EQ, with functions that I would be using all the time as opposed to sitting there unused. The 1608's features are so well thought out that it's all useful! The sound is deep, wide, and glues everything together in a way that makes it feel like a record straight away. The 1608 is a beautifully engineered, reliable and astonishing piece of equipment."

"There aren't yet that many API's in the U.K., so the 1608 makes us a destination studio, and will broaden our appeal to visiting overseas acts."

About KORE and George:

Kore is one of London's best known studios, having worked with artists like Florence and the Machine, Scott Walker, Richard Ashcroft, Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse. In 2010, they were awarded 'Best UK Studio' by the Music Producers Guild. They primarily record rock and indie rock.

George Apsion started working as a teaboy at Westside Studios in Holland Park, London. There, he assisted and learned from producers such as Tony Platt (AC/DC and Bob Marley), and Phil Brown (Led Zepplin). He briefly worked at Townhouse Studios before beginning at KORE. He first heard of API around ten years ago, when the lunchbox format started appearing in the U.K. He bought his 1608 through Funky Junk UK.

See a video of the 1608 getting installed at Kore here:

More:; Facebook
Contact: +44 20 8735 3530; Twitter

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