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Chad Melchert

Who:Chad Melchert

What:Owner, session and freelance drummer. Fulltime drummer for country recording artist Gord Bamford.

Where:Morinville, Alberta. Canada

API Gear:3124+

From the Street:

"I have been working with API gear for years and being a drummer it is hands down the best gear for recording drums. API has all the right qualities that make my job as a player and producer the most gratifying and stress free. I record my kit and know that all the beautiful qualities of my drums are being captured and can be molded in the fashion I choose later with ease. I chose the 3124 because it simply is the best tool for the job and the price point for four world class pres is unrivaled. A full rack of API's or eventually a console is all I need to make the recordings I crave to hear. Keep up the great work!"

About Chad Melchert:

Chad Melchert spent more than 25 years developing his skills as a drummer. He has worked for Rock, R&B, and country artists as their live drummer. Melchert has also recorded on hundreds of albums, and taken part in recording sessions all over Alberta and Ontario. He has been nominated drummer of the year three times: once by the SCMAs and twice by the CCMAs; he also won the award in 2012 and 2014 from the CCMAs. Melchert has opened for a variety of Nashville recording artists, and tours regularly with live shows. Melchert is endorsed by Yamaha Drums, Rhythm Tech Percussion, Power Wrist Builders, Woodshed Percussion, Remo Drumheads and Paiste Cymbals, and currently drums for 2014 CCMA male artist of the year Gord Bamford. The duo is releasing their first single to U.S. radio in April and will be touring shortly after.

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