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Who:Mattia Magi

What:Recording Producer, Mixing/ Mastering Engineer, Studio Owner

Where:Riccione, Italy

API Gear:2500 Bus Compressor, 6-Slot lunchbox ®

From the Street:

"I personally like the API console more than other brands for its aggressive but at the same time warm and sweet sound. I can work really easily with my API gear and achieve the sound that I want. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a console to buy an API for its magic sound character and personality.

"I really like the versatility of the 2500, its amazing personality and especially the Tone section: I can use different settings on different instruments and achieve the best out of every single sound. For example: when I've got a harsh cymbal or percussion, I use the loud button and...The Magic happens! Sweet and musical sound."

About Blue House Studio and Mattia Magi:

Blue House Studio is a mixing and mastering suite designed and built to the highest standard, offering an excellent environment for critical listening. Owner Mattia Magi offers a wide range of services, for which he says first-class analog gear is essential. "This is what allows me to achieve a clean and powerful sound picture, precision on the details and bring out the best from every single sound. Every project is unique. My sole aim is to bring your music to the highest level it can possibly be."

Magi also works as a freelance mixing and mastering engineer, focusing most heavily on artists in the Electronic Music scene. He specializes in UK House, House & Bass, UK Garage, Deep House, EDM and Drum & Bass genres. Mattia bought his API gear from Funky Junk dealer New Groove.

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Contact: Phone: +33(0)339-161-8498;

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