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Aqua Sounds Studio

Who:Padraic Coursey

What:Owner/ Producer/ Engineer/ Songwriter

Where:Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

API Gear:16-channel 1608, 2500 Compressor

From the Street:

"In this era of the music industry when digital technology has opened up a vast sea of available platforms to create music, it still makes a difference how you capture the sound. All of the projects which come through Aqua Sounds Studio [and the 1608] have that thick, warm, honest feel."

Coursey has had the 1608 in his studio for almost ten years now. He decided on the 1608 based on two factors. "One being my history of working on API desks and knowing how reliable and consistent they are. The other factor was I looked at many other boards in the price range of the 1608, but in no way do they stand up sonically to the API. It all comes down to how you capture the sound, and API does it for me every time. Before you even EQ or add an insert, when you first run a signal through the 1608, you already start off with an amazing tone."

Coursey says he first heard of API "in 1995, my band Surge was opening for a lot of the national acts that came through Philly. At that point, we said it's time to make a record. We were fortunate enough to use a studio that had an API and I have been hooked on API gear ever since."

"The API 1608 allows me to capture music the way music is created: with soul, grit and honesty."

About Aqua Sounds Studio/Padraic Coursey:

Aqua Sounds records everything from "local radio commercials to Billboard charting albums, NFL network V.O.s to music for national advertising campaigns." They record across genres as well, listing rock, reggae, country, jazz, blues, pop, EDM, folk and spoken word as "a few" of the categories they have worked with.

American Idol contestant Deanna Brown and Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Marc DeSisto are just two of the recording stars that have worked at Aqua Sounds. The studio also produced Midnite's "Beauty for Ashes", which won 2014's iTunes Reggae Album of the Year.

More: Website; facebook
Contact: Phone: 340-778-AQUA (2782); email; twitter

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