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Chris Vita, Vita Mastering

Who:Chris Vita

What:Owner and Mastering Engineer

Where:Portland, Oregon

API Gear:API 5500 and API 2500

From the Street:

"The API 5500 Dual EQ and 2500 Bus Compressor were the first two pieces of analog processing I added to my mastering studio. Since then, I've gone through many other fine EQs and compressors, but my API equipment has continued to be a mainstay in my studio."

"As my ear for detail has developed, so has my understanding of how to best utilize the 5500 and 2500. In some cases, I may choose to run the signal through either piece in bypass, or with all cuts/boosts flat, to impart a subtly thicker low-mid range, and wider stereo field. And when I want to be aggressive with a mix, it's easy to unleash that bold API mojo."

"With each satisfying 'click' of API switches, I'm reminded just how solid these units are. They're truly professional tools, allowing you to shape sound in any way you please."

About Vita Mastering and Chris Vita:

Vita Mastering is an independent, dedicated mastering studio located in Portland, Oregon, with top shelf analog gear and an acoustically balanced and creatively stimulating listening environment. Owner/engineer Chris Vita views mastering as a chance to put final mixes in front of a caring and detail-focused engineer whose entire job is to make the music sound even better. Vita has mastered hundreds of records for artists from all over the Pacific Northwest region and beyond.

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