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'Gearslut' loves his 2500

Frequent poster on, Mark Wheeler, has some pretty awesome things to say about our 2500 stereo compressor, so we thought we would share them with all of our loyal readers here:

"It's API. Period. It's that sound in a one-rack piece of gear. It's not simply the fact that it has seemingly unlimited gain — it does. But that gain comes with the inimitable warmth and signature fullness associated with the legend you've read about and heard on countless classic recordings. It's way more gear than my meager abilities warrant or require. But to paraphrase the late Chuck Heston, the only way you'll get it from me is by prying it from my cold, dead hands."

Thanks for all of the compliments, Mark! And don't worry; at least we aren't going to try to take your 2500 away!