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From The Desk of: Clear Track Studios, Clearwater, Florida.

When owner and Chief Engineer Mike Johnson was designing his studio in Clearwater, Florida, he wanted equipment that would make Clear Track a world-class facility.

"API was essential," he says, and supports that claim with his growing collection of API gear. The studio boasts four 3124+s, two 550As, two 560s, several lunchboxes®, and a 2500 compressor, as well as assorted plug-ins. Johnson reached out to API to explain how that gear has helped Clear Track have their "busiest year to date. API is used daily in our studios, from recording drums, bass and guitar to tracking vocals and mixing."

John Blackwell, who performed for Prince for 13 years before his current work with Justin Timberlake, "has come to Clear Track for many of his sessions, including his own self-titled album." Johnson explains that for Blackwell's latest project at Clear Track "API was definitely a strong player in helping create the tones needed."

Producer and Engineer Spencer Bradham was at Clear Track as well, recording up-and-coming artist Tilian Pearson. Pearson was tracking his acoustic single "A Faint Illusion" a video which can be found on the artist's youtube page. "The 560 EQs...captured and shaped the acoustic guitar to my liking," Bradham explains. "The end result was a nice, open, and warm yet clear tone that any acoustic session deserves."

Clear Track's Studio A was designed by Wes Lachot and featured in Mix Magazine's Class of 2010. The studio offers tours by appointment every day of the week, as well as free project consultation on-site—you can fill out a quote request on their site or call the studio directly for more information.

And Johnson is excited for what lies ahead: "We are opening more studios to handle the higher demand of quality recording and mixing. From killer drum tones to achieving a clean, commercial mix, API is such a vital necessity to our workflow, that it would be hard to imagine my studios without it. After much success with API, it's a no-brainer there will be more gear added to our roster."

For more information or to schedule a tour or consultation, visit Clear Track Studios' website.

API's "From the Desk of" is a semi-monthly feature showcasing activity in studios with API gear. If you'd like to have your studio covered please contact Jen Schiller: jschiller [at] apiaudio [dot] com.