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Producing King Chooses Blackbird Studio as Kingdom

This month in Sound on Sound, we see producer Jacquire King at the largest API Legacy Plus ever built. King says of Blackbird Studio in Nashville, where the console is located: "I think Studio D is my favorite recording space in the world."

High praise coming from a world-renowned producer who has worked with the likes of Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, and many others. King is currently working with up-and-coming artist James Bay, who sent King a demo of his single 'Collide' on a hope and a prayer that the producer would agree to work with him—which he did. According to the Sound on Sound article, King barely finished the song before making up his mind.

Bay was also impressed and pleased with Studio D, saying "It really is a sight to behold, you know, visually, aesthetically, and sonically." See more in the May 2015 issue of Sound on Sound EU, where Bay discusses the recording process for 'Chaos and the Calm', his first studio album, produced by Jacquire King.