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From the Desk of: HyperThreat Sound

A self-proclaimed "songwriter's studio", HyperThreat Sound keeps busy by working with artists across all genres. Co-owner Anne Freeman says "we care about the music, and believe in the artist." Freeman has dedicated her life to music, in particular to "helping young artists develop and define themselves." And HyperThreat gives those young artists space to experiment. "With our online resource list, clients can pick and choose the artists they would like to play on their projects. We've done everything from simple guitar and vocals to full-blown orchestrated productions."

Some artists who have passed through HyperThreat's doors include Grammy-award winner Dianne Reeves, and the seven-member group Ghost Embrace, featuring bassist Mario Pagliarulo (Serj Tankian) and drummer Morgan Rose (Sevendust). Freeman is producing the band's newest album "Quantum Heart" at HyperThreat. She says the two Channel Strips that the studio has from API were her "go-to for getting the snap and punch I'm looking for from the kick and snare."

It's not just the drums that Freeman uses the Channel Strips on, either. She says that with the API gear "guitars have bite, vocals are pure." While the sound is what ultimately sold HyperThreat on the Channel Strips, the versatility keeps them in daily use at the studio. Jesse Avarado, HyperThreat's chief engineer, explains: "You can use the features together, or separately. I've used the 550A, EQ, and 512c pre for vocals. On guitars, I use the 527 compressor. I also like the EQ on pianos. The API is my go-to preamp and EQ for snare and toms. I also like to use the channels together when I'm processing a stereo buss."

For more information on HyperThreat and its co-owners, visit their website or social media pages. (HyperThreat on Twitter) (HyperThreat on Facebook)

HyperThreat Sound purchased their Channel Strips through Greg Savino at Sweetwater Sound.

API's "From the Desk of" is a semi-monthly feature showcasing activity in studios with API gear. If you'd like to have your studio covered please contact Jen Schiller: jschiller [at] apiaudio [dot] com.