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API Airlifts Military Console into Place

Last week API sent a team of five to Brucker Hall—the home of Pershing's Own, or the United States Army Band. We reported the sale of the 48 channel Legacy Plus, and shared a photo of it while it was in production earlier this month. But now the console has been literally hoisted into its own balcony, where it will serve the 260 piece band.

Richard Josephs, Radovan Marcic, Jordan Shirks, Thanh Diep, Ben Eckroth, and Jeff Richards oversaw the console's unique commissioning upon its arrival at the Band's base in Ft. Meyer, Virginia. API's team worked along with some of the Army staff to harness the Legacy Plus, and then lift it more than ten feet into the air, secure it on a hydraulic lift, and then very carefully carry it into the recording studio. The rest of the commissioning stayed relatively close to the ground.