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"Wall of API 550A EQs" Inspires Analog Engineering on "Sound & Color"

Shawn Everett is an engineer who truly embraces API. Before he even named his studio, he knew it would have a 1608 on the gear list—and he took time to talk to us about it between back-to-back sessions. Now he's in Sound on Sound magazine, featured for his work on Alabama Shakes' album "Sound & Color". It would seem he isn't done talking about API just yet, as he discussed API's role in this "crazy session":

"For the most part what I did was try to replicate my entire in-the-box mixes on the console, replacing as many plug-ins as possible with the equivalent outboard gear. The trigger for the idea was that I had used quite a few API 550 plug-ins, and Ocean Way B has this crazy wall of real 550A EQs! I'd never seen so many."

The article also mentions Everett's home studio and how it contributed to the record: "On completing his analog parallel mix at Ocean Way, Everett created a second stem session, which he took over to his own studio, where he ran the stems through his API desk, did a final adjustment to the balance and printed to stereo."

"I just love the way sound can create an environment and a space," Everett concluded. See the full article in the July issue of Sound on Sound: USA Edition.