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From the Desk of: Studio Rymden

From the Desk of: Studio Rymden

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Owners: Daniel Bengtson

API Gear List: API 2488 console, 550, 554, 560 EQs, 525 compressors, 6-slot API lunchbox®

On the Desk: In the last few months, Studio Rymden has been busy with major Swedish artists Nina Kinert, Loreen, Anna Järvinen, Conny Nimmersjo, Peter Jöback, Gösta Berling Saga, and Peter Morén (from Peter Bjorn and John). Daniel Bengtson notes "I have a very exciting project with Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth in the pipes. We grew up together and I actually bought my first electric guitar, a black Les Paul-copy, from him."

In addition to building up the studio, Bengtson has written the music and sound effects for over 200 computer and mobile games. Perhaps his biggest claim to fame is music for the wildly popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga. "I think I have to be the most played, unheard-of composer in the world. I'm the guy whistling and playing autoharp on like 800 million devices a day. Bizarre!"

On API: Bengtson has been collecting API gear for years, and says the 2488 has empowered him to "record 24 channels, simultaneously with the original API sound."

"I started out with a 6-slot lunchbox® with 512's, 550 B EQ's and 525 compressors and got hooked. It sounded like I was inside my favorite albums. Then I got the chance to buy the 2488 console and it is of course the star of the studio. Every sound is heard right and it's fast, punchy, musical and extremely inspiring for all of the artists coming by here."

"I have the 240 goldfoil as my main reverb and I just love to turn that green echo-knob on every channel. You've been building great gear for a long time!"

"I love the fact that the console stands there and lights up every morning, and that it sounds so freaking great!"

More from Studio Rymden: Instagram, Facebook

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