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Russian Superstars Leningrad Warm to API Sound

The latest 1608 to cross an ocean is headed for Alexander (Sandy) Aydakin, owner of the first BOX in Russia. Among many other achievements, Aydakin is the sound engineer and technical director for Russian superstars Leningrad, who he frequently records with his sizeable collection of API gear. Aydakin constructed his custom-built "mobile BOX rig" (pictured) earlier this year, and has used it on the road throughout Europe and Russia.

Now that the BOX has proved itself a tremendous success, Aydakin is patiently awaiting the arrival of his 1608 and of the API warmth that he now finds irreplaceable. Aydakin's 1608 will take up residence in a new facility created by international acoustic designer Philip Newell. Many thanks to API Dealer MS-Max for consulting with Aydakin to furnish his studio.