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Location: New York, NY

Owners: Neil Goldberg — Co-Founder | Director
Dave Fraser — Co-Founder | Director
Ari Winters — Senior Partner | Creative Director

API Gear List: [3] BOX consoles

On the Desk: Heavy Melody has provided music and sound design for motion picture advertising campaigns ranging from Batman v Superman and Mad Max: Fury Road, to Bridge of Spies, Gone Girl, and The Martian. The studio has also worked on scores and commercial campaigns for clients like Electronic Arts, Gillette, NFL, NBC, and more. Because of the high-profile nature of most of Heavy Melody's work, their current projects are generally confidential.

What's not confidential is the creative way Heavy Melody attacks their projects. Ari Winters describes one particularly unique recent tracking session: "Tracking a dumpster was pretty interesting. We hit it with everything from a hammer, to a kitchen spatula. Then, we decided to run some bass strings across the top and treat it like a string instrument. The sound was absolutely monstrous, in the best possible way. It created a simultaneous screech and growl that raised the hair on our necks (and almost killed a cat!), and was perfect for creating stings and transitional elements for our trailer albums."

On API: "The depth, warmth, and headroom from the BOX is incredible. It adds an entire new dimension to the sounds that run through it. Our percussion samples and performances suddenly become heavier, and more impactful, and the lighter sounds come through as clean and vibrant. The BOX changed our rooms from feeling stuck in the (computer) box to having the feel and benefit of a big desk in a small footprint."

"Summing through the BOX really glues things together nicely, and again it's great to have the increase in headroom. You get that true analog punch. Also, running our analog synths through the four pre amps really gives a great saturation and drive when you push them."

Heavy Melody Music and Sound Design, and their sister company Heavyocity, can be found at the following links online:
Heavyocity: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram
Heavy Melody Music: Facebook; Twitter

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