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Capital University's New Media Center to Feature API's The BOX

Capital University in Columbus, Ohio will be adding API's The BOX console to their forthcoming Convergent Media Center. The CMC is the first academic building Capital University has built in 50 years, and proves that good things come to those who wait; the building will house multiple spaces geared toward a variety of technology-focused programs, including Music Technology, Electronic Media, WXCU Radio, and Communication. The CMC will include a 1400 square foot recording studio, three computer labs, four mixing suites, a television studio and a radio station, among others.

"We're excited to get our hands on The BOX," says Chad Loughrige, head of the Music Technology program at Capital University. "The new Convergent Media Center will give students in the Music Technology program an opportunity to interface with analog and digital technology all in the same system. The BOX console will act as the heart of this hybrid system. We also wanted to get our students in front of a variety of gear and found The BOX to fit in perfectly with our needs."

A custom desk made by Sterling Modular will house The BOX, along with two API 500V chassis with multiple preamps, EQs, and compressors.

"The new studio will be used for tracking, mixing, and post-production, so we needed to put together a system that could handle all of those tasks," Loughrige adds. "The BOX will make for a streamlined set up that's easy for instructors to teach and students to learn."

Capital University's Convergent Media Center is scheduled to open Spring 2017.