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API Adds New 3124V and 3124MV Microphone Preamps

API announces its new 3124V and 3124MV Microphone Preamps. Designed with the professional engineer in mind, each unit provides four channels of the highest possible quality mic preamp. All design aspects of the 3124V match those found in the 3124+, while the 3124MV is essentially the same unit as the 3124mb+. However, both units provide two important additional features. First, the units offer front panel Variable Output Level Control, a feature long requested by the pro audio community and an extremely valuable addition given today's professional workflow.

Second, each unit adds a switchable 3:1 output transformer selection, also on the front panel. "The 3:1 Output Transformer selection switch allows the user to alter how much gain comes from the different stages," explains API's Director of Engineering Todd Humora. "Do you want more transformer gain, or do you want more 2520 gain, or both? You can choose exactly what you prefer, and then use the Variable Output to make sure the level is where you want it."

The 3124MV provides an additional audio mixer with a transformer balanced output, keeping the unit size and price reasonable. Additionally, the 3124MV adds a stereo panner with a level control, and a post fader aux send.

Like the 3124+ and 3124mb+, the 3124V and 3124MV include API's original circuitry, proprietary input and output transformers, 2520 op amps, the unique 5 year warranty and, of course, the unmistakable API sound. Both models are equally at home in the control room, studio, and recording truck or on stage. Visit our 3124V and 3124MV pages to learn more.