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Sweetwater Ranks API 512c Among Best Mic Preamps

API's 512c Mic Preamp has been named one of the best mic preamps for recording vocals by Sweetwater's Lynn Fuston.

The 512c has become legendary for its ability to provide a low noise and unusually good sounding front end for all types of audio applications, while delivering the distinct analog sound of API.

"If you need a vocal sound that is crisp and clear, very forward and in-your-face, then an API preamp is what you're looking for," says Fuston in his review. "If you need a single channel, there's the 512c that works in 500 Series racks or the new 512v with variable output control and 3:1 transformer tapping."

The 512v has also garnered significant acclaim in the months following its summer debut, winning a NAMM TEC Award in the Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series) category, and a 2016 Resolution Award in the Preamp category.

One thing is clear—API's 512 Mic Preamps never fail to make an impression. Fuston adds in his review, "Legendary drummer Paul Leim (Billy Currington, Faith Hill, Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie), after listening to his drums through a variety of 24 different preamps during one of my preamp shootouts, stopped me at the API and said, 'That one. Which one is that? THAT is what the drums sound like when I'm sitting there playing them.'"