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East Tennessee State University Installs a 1608

The API 1608 console continues to thrive in the audio education world as yet another higher education facility has added a 1608 to its studio. East Tennessee State University in Johnson City has just installed the 1608 as the primary console for the school's various sound recording and music programs.

"When we began the process of looking for a console to replace our Digidesign C24 we immediately thought of API, and more specifically, the 1608," said Benjamin Bateson, ETSU's Recording Laboratory Manager. "The uncompromising build and sound quality, size factor, and DAW functionality were exactly what we needed to move the audio engineering side of our program forward."

Bateson added, "We've had our 1608 installed for about a month and have been very impressed with its ease of use as well as the sound quality. It has pushed our facility to another level. This summer it will get broken in on a couple album projects and in the Fall students will start to learn the ins and outs of the 1608. They are understandably enthusiastic to get to use the console."

API is honored to be a part of ETSU students' educational journey and is looking forward to their great work that is sure to come.