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Last year, Capital University chose API's Box Console to serve as the heart of its new Convergent Media Center (CMC)—the first academic building constructed on the Columbus, OH campus in 50 years. The CMC serves as a space where students from different disciplines such as Music Technology, Digital Media, Digital Art and Design, and Print Media can build an understanding of how each area integrates into the completion of a project.

In a recent interview with Sweetwater, Chad Loughrige, Capital's Music Technology program director, discussed how the CMC and Box console have been doing over the past year.

"Educationally speaking, the students are able to listen critically and critique all this equipment," Chad said. "They also learn interfacing — you know, 'How do you hook it all up?' With the Box having inserts on all 16 channels, you can then go a step further and say, 'Okay, now let's put Distressors on the kick and snare.'"

Chad also expressed plenty of enthusiasm for the Box's summing potential, saying, "What it seems to do is bring out the nuances of the space in such a transparent way that you truly hear the sound of the room."

It just goes to show, a little API console can go a long way.