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API on Gwar's New Album

Heavy metal band Gwar recently released the much-anticipated The Blood of Gods, their first album since the 2014 passing of the band's former lead singer Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus). Many fans were unsure about the band continuing without Brockie.

In an interview with Mix magazine, Producer and Engineer Ronan Chris Murphy discussed tracking the band's new album with API mic pre's. The sessions began with drum recording at White Star Sound in Louisa, VA. The studio is built inside an old barn in the countryside, and seemed like an unusual choice for a band like Gwar.

"White Star Owner Chris Keup says that no one believed him when he said Gwar was recording there," said Murphy. "But the studio was well-suited for our project: It has a big wooden live room, a solid mic closet and a rack of API mic pre's from the old console in Sunset Sound's B room. All the drums were tracked through those pre's except for overheads."

Murphy added, "We set high standards for ourselves to make this album and averaged about 14 hours a day in the studio for a couple months. In the end it was worth every minute. The Blood of Gods honors the band's past and moves the band forward. Gwar lives!"