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Premier Guitar Reviews the TranZformer LX

The latest in a line of rave reviews for API's TranZformer Series comes from Premier Guitar. Bassist and Producer Steve Cook reviewed the TranZformer LX bass pedal for the magazine.

"We're talking studio-quality compression and EQ in a line-level DI that can fit on a pedalboard and provide rich, refined tone, and comes in at around $500?" said Cook. "You are essentially getting two 500 series modules (albeit lighter versions) in one package, which will allow your tone to soar."

Cook adds, "If you are looking to bridge the gap between hobbyist and pro session player, or you simply want a delightfully rich and robust sonic palette for your bass that won't completely destroy your bank account, the TranZformer LX might be a good place to call home."

Watch Premier Guitar's video review to hear Steve Cook play his bass through the LX's different settings.