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Butler University Puts a 1608 in the Mix

Butler University in Indianapolis, IN has just joined the ever-expanding list of higher education facilities with API consoles. For the Recording Industry Studies students at the schools' College of Communications, Butler chose a 16 channel 1608 console.

"We had three basic criteria for the console," said Mark Harris, Technical Services Coordinator at Butler's College of Communications. "First, the console had to have incredible sonics since we were improving both the acoustics of the room and the monitoring. Secondly, it had to be logical and simple enough to reduce the learning curve for both recording and mixing and lastly, it had to be well built and durable enough to last a decade or more in an educational environment. The API 1608 easily met all of those criteria at an affordable price point.

"From what we have seen and heard in the brief time that our students have been using the API 1608, having a high quality console makes it easier for them to concentrate on making better recordings and getting better mixes," Harris added. "It's no wonder that all of the professionals that we consulted with recommended API for our control room."