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Vintage King Sells API Console to Kent State University at Stark

Kent State University at Stark is the latest in a long line of higher education facilities to add an API console to its curriculum. The school has installed a 32 channel Vision console to serve as a key component in its Music Technology program.

"The API Vision has been a real game-changer for the Audio Recording track of the Music Technology program here at Kent State University at Stark," said professor Ian Anderson. "Not only will our students be better prepared to enter the industry with genuine large-format analog console chops, the quality of their recordings has increased exponentially."

Chris Bolitho of Vintage King Pro Audio Outfitter was instrumental in the sale of the Vision console. "Vintage King's academic team was privileged to work with Ian Anderson and the team at Kent State University to help plan, specify and deploy all the equipment for this major and longterm project," said Bolitho. "The school appreciated our unique ability to provide new and vintage, mainstream and unique, and analog and digital gear. Our partnership with API allowed us to assist in the selection of the API Vision console. The Vision will be the centerpiece of the program for years to come, and provide students an amazing opportunity to train on a truly magnificent console. We wish everyone at Kent State every success!"