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Dave Cobb Keeps API at the Helm of RCA Studio A

Grammy award-winning Producer Dave Cobb has made himself at home in Nashville's legendary RCA Studio A. Singer-songwriter Ben Folds formerly owned the space, with Cobb taking over in 2016 after Folds' departure.

Making API a part of his set-up was a goal for Folds, who would often remark while remodeling Studio A, "When we grow up, we are going to get an API." Folds made this dream come true in 2010 when he added an API 3232 console from 1976 to the studio.

Cobb made sure that the API console remained an integral part of Studio A, and bought the desk from Folds when he took over the studio.

"It was great to move into a place with a nice desk that was already installed and working," says Cobb in a recent interview with Mix magazine.

Cobb has stayed busy since settling into Studio A, recording albums such as Brandi Carlile's By The Way, I Forgive You, Chris Stapleton's From A Room, and Anderson East's Encore. Cobb is also working on a forthcoming record for country legend John Prine.

"The walls [of Studio A] have a lot of history and music in them," says Cobb. "I think everybody who walks in can feel who came before us, and I think they all put on their Sunday best in a way, and try to be better because of who came before us."