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API's AXS Branches Into Higher Education

API is placing its second AXS console in Japan, with the sale of a 64 channel AXS to the prestigious Tokyo College of Music. Previously, a 48 channel AXS console was installed at the newly opened Studio Tanta, also located in Tokyo. Placement of both of these AXS consoles was facilitated by API's exclusive Japanese Distributor Mix Wave, headed by Mr. Hiro Saika.

While Tokyo College of Music will be the first academic institution to install an AXS console, it is preceded by a long list of higher education facilities, including Berklee College of Music, New York University, Abbey Road Institute, and Full Sail University, that integrate API's Legacy Plus, Vision, and 1608 consoles into their curriculums.

"We're excited to see how the pro audio community of studios, engineers, and producers in Japan are showing a clear preference for the API tone", says Dan Zimbelman, API Director of Sales. "With two Vision consoles at NHK Tokyo, the AXS at Studio Tanta, many 1608 consoles all over Japan, and now the new Tokyo College of Music order for a 64 channel AXS console, Japan is quickly becoming one of our most significant export markets. Thanks to Mr. Hiro Saika and the entire professional team at Mix Wave."