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A Look at the 500 Series in 2018

The past several issues of Electronic Musician have taken an inside look at the recording processes of some of today's biggest musicians. Unsurprisingly, many of these artists choose to color their albums with API gear. API mic pres were used on 2018's Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt by Moby, as well as Attention Attention by Shinedown, also released in 2018. Renowned sound designer Diego Stocco also mentioned recording with API mic pres in an interview with EM.

Engineer/musician Jonathan Schenke mixed Bodega's 2018 album Endless Scroll at Doctor Wu's studio in Williamsburg. "That studio was very much an analog-digital hybrid," said Schenke. "During Bodega's mix, I wanted to take advantage of the outboard gear to retain and magnify the classic sound that we started. So all the guitars went through vintage API 550A's."

Finally, before speaking with Schenke about Bodega's album, Electronic Musician spoke with another fan of API's EQs, Engineer Tom Tapley, who used them on the Grammy award-winning song "Sultan's Curse" by Mastodon.