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Prince's Custom API Console

Recently released photos from inside Paisley Park, the studio of the late, great Prince, reveal The Artist's Studio B space, which is home to a custom API console.

Pro Sound News spoke with Engineer Robert "Cubby" Colby, who worked as Prince's FOH and monitor engineer, and as Paisley Park audio tech for several years. Colby revealed to PSN that all the gear in Studio B came from Prince's home prior to the Paisley Park construction. Colby continues:

"What is in Studio B now was in his home. I was there for all of that install. He put in a custom-built API, completely discrete and built for his height, his reach. It took over a year. I did all the internal work; I used to have a key to the house and would drive down to the back and let myself in, getting there before the techs showed up. I worked through the holidays to get it done. While that was being done, he was in Los Angeles, and by the time we got the studio done in the home, Paisley Park Studios was almost complete."