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The 1608 at the Oldest Studio in the World

API's 1608 console has made itself at home in possibly one of the oldest recording studios in the world. Altes Elektrizitätswek is a studio in Munich installed in an old water mill (the studio's name translates to "old power plant"), and the compound on which the mill stands dates back to the Middle Ages. The building was once part of a group of buildings around a medieval castle built by the Duke of Abensberg (mentioned in public records as early as 1256).

Today the mill building is home to the 200-square-metre 'stone studio' Studio A and the smaller 'wood room' Studio B on the first floor, as well as several recreational and residential spaces. Altes Elektrizitätswek is owned by Producer and musician Christian Lohr, who decided that rather than install a single large console, he would employ two smaller consoles to extend the sonic possibilities. The 1608 is one of those consoles and resides in Studio A.

The studio was conceived above all as a writing and recording venue, and has drawn in artists such as Sting, Donna Summer, Andrea Bocelli, and Joss Stone, among others.