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One Year Later: Following Up with MacEwan University on their Legacy Plus Console

Last year, MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta installed a 32 channel Legacy Plus console in their brand new recording studio space. Designed by David Kotch of Criterion Acoustics, the studio touts top notch gear, which MacEwan sought to establish an unparalleled recording education environment. The Legacy Plus is at the center of this environment.

Paul Johnston, Head of Recording in MacEwan's Department of Music, said of the new desk, "My favorite part of this entire space is the API console. This particular console was my preference and we worked hard at getting it. We really looked towards Berklee and other music schools as to what exactly that professional kind of recording space would be like." Berklee College of Music is home to a total of six API consoles, including four Legacy Pluses.

"This kind of space in an undergraduate university doesn't really exist in a lot of places," added Johnston. "So if students want to study recording or production, whatever they do here is going to have the possibility of being recorded better."