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The Late Geoff Emerick Brings API Flavor to SILVERPLANES

SILVERPLANES is the project of musician Aaron Smart, who worked closely with Producer Jack Douglas to color his most recent album with a warm analog sound.

"We wanted to do things as analog as possible—not just on tape, but with an analog desk and analog gear," said Smart.

To achieve the desired effect, Douglas recruited Engineers known for their background in analog. Shelly Yakus, Jay Messina and the late Geoff Emerick each mixed five tracks from the fifteen track album.

Emerick chose to mix his five tracks at LAFX Recording Studio in North Hollywood. Its main attraction to the veteran engineer was the studio's custom-built vintage API 2416 console (40-input, 48-return, 16-bus with 550A EQs).

"I fell in love with API boards when I was doing the America albums at Record Plant," Emerick states. "It has this beautiful depth on the bass and a clean high end the Neve consoles sort of had, but was hard to get. And [my assistant] Spencer and I have been working here now for so long that, once I heard the tracks from Jack, I knew what we could get here."

The songs have been released as three EPs—one for each mixer—available for download and likely a vinyl LP set.