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Lost Origin Productions Recording the "Beth Gazo"

This project might just be one of the most unique things API gear has ever been involved in. Musician, photographer and writer Jason Hamacher and his company, Lost Origin Productions, are in the process of making the first-ever recordings of the "Beth Gazo," an extensive collection of ancient Syrian chants with roots dating back to the year 190. The chants, which are nearly 24 hours long when played back-to-back, have been used by Syria's St. George's Orthodox Church for nearly 2,000 years and have only ever been passed down by mouth. When Hamacher decided to record the chants, he knew he had to head over to Syria with the right equipment in tow. Upon a friend's recommendation, he chose the API 3124+ Discrete 4 Channel Mic/Line Pre. He told us that the quality, durability and ease of use of the 3124+ have made the recording process nothing but smooth. He also told us that even though he's not a full-time engineer and he doesn't own his own studio, the recordings still sound "amazing." Jason still has a lot of recording to do, but we can't wait to hear everything when he's finished!