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Three Cheers for Tri-C's 1608-II

A new API 1608-II console is now installed at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, OH, where it's the centerpiece of the school's Recording Arts and Technology program.

"The API 1608-II was selected for our studio classroom for a few reasons," says Tri-C's Recording Arts and Technology Program Manager David Kennedy. "The first reason we chose the 1608-II is the quality of mic preamps, since students do a lot of tracking in the room. Next, the 1608-II's modularity and ability to customize appealed to us, as we have added a few extra processors and have another 500- rack right next to it. Finally, the 1608-II was chosen for the ability to break a mix out of the box. Students use Pro Tools to mix quite often, and this gives them a high quality alternative."