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Catching up with Kent State University at Stark One Year Later

In the spring of 2018, a 32 channel API Vision Console was commissioned for the Music Technology Program at Ohio's Kent State University at Stark. API recently spoke with Kent State's Music Technology and Audio Recording professor Ian Anderson, and was pleased to hear the console has already grown to be an integral part of the program.

"In the year and a half we've had the Vision," says Anderson, "our students have completed a simultaneous 5.1 and stereo mix for a feature film, recorded and mixed senior portfolios and recorded virtually every genre of music with the highest sonic quality. The overall quality of student work has increased dramatically. And while the desk's 'API flavor' really comes out when pushed, it remains pristine and astoundingly 'hi-fi' when operated with plenty of headroom."

Anderson adds, "We received excellent post-sales support at no cost thanks to the warranty, and the desk just FEELS far, far more solid than the Vision's biggest competitor. At the end of the day, the Vision has allowed our students to complete more ambitious projects, has become an excellent selling point for the program and it just sounds so damned good."