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1608 Shines at Antwerp's Nice Recordings

PSN Europe recently highlighted the Antwerp-based Nice Recordings studio, which is home to an API 1608 console.

Nice Recordings' owner is electric engineer Damien Smets, who built the studio to explore his passion for music. The first staple for his new studio? The 1608, supplied by API distributor Amptec.

"I took an 18 month sound engineer course and training while the console remained in my attic," said Smets, "Because working in the analog domain was crucial for me — I want to work with the controls and switches myself."

Smets realized the console's 16 channels simply were not enough, and added an expander, upgrading the console to 32 channels. Smets' outboard gear also includes an API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor, 525 Discrete Compressors, and 550B and 550A EQ's.

The studio is making a powerful name for itself, hosting sessions for a wide variety of artists, including Antwerp band Fixkes and the US's own Post Malone. Staf Verbeeck of Stiff Studio, a regular client, commented, "With the API desk, this studio is exactly what I need for most of my recording projects. As a studio engineer/ lecturer I regularly invite students to the studio. It's the perfect environment for masterclasses in studio engineering and mixing."