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Greta Van Fleet

The Rust Brothers recently discussed working with rock band Greta Van Fleet and working with API gear in Sound on Sound's "Inside Track" feature. The album in question, 2018's Anthem of the Peaceful Army, was co-produced by the Rust Brothers trio: Al Sutton, Marlon Young and Herschel Boone. Sutton and Young both have mixing credits, and Sutton tracked the album.

The Rust Brothers recorded the album at Blackbird Studio D in Nashville, TN, which boasts a 96-channel API Legacy Plus console (the largest ever built). Additional vocals were tracked and the album was mixed at Rustbelt Studios in Detroit, MI, which is also home to an API 28-channel Legacy console. Coincidence? Apparently not.

"I am an API guy," says Al Sutton. "I like them better than Neve consoles. We had a mic pre shoot-out on the first day at Blackbird when we were getting tones, and I ended up using the API to record nearly everything. It has a punchiness and immediateness that's great, especially on the drums."