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Serial #10,000, Commemorating 10,000 API 550A eq's

When Landon Bailey of Hunterstown, IN purchased a 550A from Sweetwater, he had no idea he would be a part of history. When he unboxed his new module he was shocked to find it wrapped in gold paper along with a letter from API President Larry Droppa congratulating him on purchasing serial #10,000 which was signed by the entire API team.

"I had been looking for some 500 eq's for shaping during tracking, and these are it. They feel so musical and they hit in all the right places. I feel like I can instantly find what I'm looking to cut or boost, and it only enhances the signal on the way in. Sheesh. It's like I can do no wrong! Writing and producing is a constant balance of chasing inspiration, keeping the vibe flowing, and making good, quick decisions. So, whenever gear can 'get out of the way' and serve the song and the creative process, it's definitely a keeper," Landon says.

"While I'm newer to the API family, I am already in love. The API 512v's have already given me something I've been missing. They are super clear, open and punchy. For pop bass, it's 100% the move. The other day I ran my Mustang bass direct into the 512v pre, to a 550A eq (#10,000!) and then the Retro Doublewide II compressor and it was THE SOUND."

As an additional "thank you" for being a part of API history, we sent Landon 550A serial #10,001 — also signed by the API team — making a matched pair. It just goes to show, you never know what you'll find when you purchase a piece of API gear.

Landon, along with his wife Kellie, perform as The Baileys, an idie duo based out of Fort Wayne, IN. Their latest single, Into the Danger, was released in the fall of 2020 and combines indie folk with orchestral/ cinematic overtones.

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