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A 16-channel Expander for the 1608-II at BoomTown Recorders

"After installing the 1608-II a few months ago, I quickly decided to add the 16-channel Expander. It was easy to install and integrated so easily. What I love for my workflow is I use the main 1608-II for what's going "to tape" and the expander for monitoring, using my external reverbs, and outboard gear. Basically, I feed stems to the expander. Once I start mixing, I bring a combination of stems and tracks. No latency with hardware, so I don't use plugins until I do final mixes. The 0 db bypass button is great so I don't have to worry about bumping a fader if I am using my DAW automation. I am so happy with the API setup and so are my clients."

David Pinkston
BoomTown Recorders
Nashville, TN

#apiaudio #api1608ii #api1608