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Marc McClusky on the 1608-II

"I recorded on a vintage API about 20 years ago when I started my producing career. From the first time I heard the punch of the console and the in-your-face vibe that the EQs brought, I was in love. I built an API DSM console around 2008 and mixed a lot of records for Fueled By Raman and Epitaph including some Weezer with it. I bought THE BOX Console when it came out in 2019 and this year I traded up to the 1608-II. My studio time is now split between working with bands/ artists and film scoring/ media composing. The API 1608-II brings the punch, clarity, and freedom to bounce between projects without a hitch. Its my significant other!"
— Marc McClusky (Fuzzball Recording - Irvington, NY)

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