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API Vision Gives Essential Hands-On Experience to Finger Lakes Students

Canandaigua, NY, April 2015:
Finger Lakes Community College is expanding their studio, and Professor Robert Potter says they couldn't have done it without API. The faculty at Finger Lakes knew they would only have one shot at picking the right console for their program, and the Vision was the obvious choice to "best outfit" the studio: "What we didn't need was another large format heartbreak with a bunch of knobs and faders," Potter stated. "We decided on the Vision because it's easy to operate, with a kind of smooth sonic signature that makes folks smile." The console is so new to the program (only having been installed this month) that it hasn't gotten any exercise yet. However, Potter has high hopes and expectations for it.

While comparing the Vision to other options for Finger Lakes, Potter said, "It's the best of everything — pres, compressors, EQs — all in one complete unit! Choosing the Vision was very much in our best interest." He also says the Vision is unique "because of the classic sound, of course."

Finger Lakes has an AS degree program, which consists of four semesters of audio engineering classes including lab & studio times, music theory, performance ensembles, music business, sound reinforcement & live recording, and audio for film. One can imagine that the program requires that students spend a lot of time working in the studio in all stages of music production. "As a teaching facility, we want to be able to offer our students some real-world, hands-on experience and this console will allow us to do just that." The Vision in particular appealed to the faculty at Finger Lakes because it has potential for a huge variety of projects. "Being able to do a whole host of things relatively simply makes the Vision a real asset for our audio program." Students record work by everything from singular vocal artists to large ensembles, across every possible genre — so that multifaceted element of the Vision is actually essential to Potter. He is so confident in the success of the Vision that he already has a vision of his own — and he's seeing double. "We don't have any other API gear currently, but we are hoping to order a 32-channel 1608 for one of the other studios here next semester."

Bob Potter is the recording studio manager/technical specialist for Finger Lakes Community College and has worked for the school since 2003. Previously Potter was an independent touring sound engineer and founded Cabin Fever Recording.