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API Brings 48 Channels of Analog Warmth To U.S. Army Band

The U.S. Army has—among many other resources—a 260 piece band. Like any other division of the Army, "Pershing's Own" has a rich history and now, with the installation of their 48 channel API Legacy Plus Console, the Band is outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment for their work. Pershing's Own was established in 1922 when General Pershing saw that many European armies fighting in the Great War had musicians travel and perform with them to increase the soldiers' morale. Before World War I drew to a close, America had a band of its own.

Pershing's Own travels internationally to perform and educate. While their Legacy Plus is too large to travel with the band, it certainly did enough traveling to get from the API factory in Jessup, MD to Brucker Hall in Ft. Meyer, Virginia, which serves as the band's home when they are not on the road. API's commissioning team of Richard Josephs, Radovan Maricic, Jordan Shirks, Thanh Diep, Ben Ecklroth, and Jeff Richards oversaw the console being lifted more than ten feet into the air by chain motor and hydraulic lift before it was carefully guided into place in a balcony studio.

API President Larry Droppa has this to say about the company's work with Pershing's Own: "We are thrilled to have placed a Legacy Plus with such a prestigious organization as the U.S. Army Band. The band's obsession with sonic excellence and precision closely mirrors the same qualities we strive for in all of API our products." The company released a video compilation of the installation on the official API youtube channel late last week after the commissioning team returned to the factory. The Army Band records all of their music, and saves it to an archive that is preserved by the Library of Congress. All of the clarity and power of the 260 piece Band's music will now be captured through 48 channels of API, and either saved as multi-tracks, or mixed for distribution. Either way, API is honored to serve alongside Pershing's Own.

API's Commissioning Video can be found at the following link: