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API Spreads Across Spain

Another BOX console has crossed continents, this time into the north of Spain. Jonan Ordorika is the first to install a BOX into the Iberian peninsula. Ordorika installed the console in his new studio MAMIA, located in Azkarate, Navarra.

Says Ordorika: "When I was faced with the challenge to decide about a new desk, the BOX was, no doubt, the best option." Ordorika already had API in his arsenal before the BOX, citing ten 225L compressors and 16 550L EQs. "With the help of all my other API outboard, I can perfectly emulate the classic sound of a big API console, but at a more affordable price with dimensions adapted to my existing space. With 20 channels on mix-down, I keep the analog flavor and I can move faders, which I really love."

Special thanks to Sergio Castro, of API dealer Funky Junk Spain, who shared this news with us.