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API Legacy AXS Console Sold to Producer and Musician Michael Marquart

June 2017; Jessup, MD:
The next API Legacy AXS console slated for delivery will be making its home in a studio owned by Producer Michael Marquart.

Michael Marquart has been involved in several sides of the music industry, from drumming with the band A Flock of Seagulls to producing some of the biggest names in music today. Marquart serves as the President of Windmark Recording, a multi-room recording studio complex in Santa Monica, CA. Marquart purchased the AXS console through Vintage King's Jeff Leibovich, and it will feature prominently in his private recording facility in Virginia.

"I am very excited to install a new API 32 channel Legacy AXS console in my east coast studio," says Marquart. "I have always been a big fan of API's mic pre's and the 550A eq's. Now I get all that and a lot more in a large format desk. I especially like the moving fader automation."

Marquart's console is scheduled for a mid-July delivery, with commissioning shortly thereafter.