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Third API Console Commissioned at Finger Lakes Community College

October 2018; Canandaigua, NY:
Finger Lakes Community College has expanded their API console selection with the commissioning of an automated 32 channel 1608 console. The school is also equipped with a 48 channel Vision console and another 32 channel 1608 console.

"We had a digital console in one of our rooms that we needed to replace. For our other rooms we had bought a Vision, a 1608, and then an expander for that console," says FLCC's Recording Studio Manager Bob Potter. "The 1608 is a killer console for our first room, so when it was time to do this room we decided to go back to the analog world from the digital console. I think this was a step up and a smart move for us."

With the initial purchase of the Vision console working out so well for FLCC, Potter wanted to fill his other rooms with a similar sound. He says that the students who have made the transition from digital to analog with the 1608 console can hear the difference, and even the newest students notice that the 1608 sounds amazing once they get familiar with the desk.

"We were trying to make smart purchase. We saw the track record API was establishing with 1608, and thought this is a no-brainer for us," Potter adds.