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Capricorn Sound Studios Orders API 2448

October 2019; Jessup, MD:
API announces the sale of an automated 40 channel 2448 console to Capricorn Sound Studios, home of the former Capricorn Records in Macon, Georgia. Now owned by Mercer University, commissioning of the new 2448 will coincide with the 50th year of Capricorn's involvement in the music industry.

Capricorn Records was initially founded by Phil Walden, Alan Walden and Otis Redding. The label became famous in the 1970s and represented iconic Southern rock groups such as the Allman Brothers, Wet Willie, and the Marshall Tucker Band. After experiencing economic difficulties, Capricorn ceased doing business in 2002. In 2015 the property which housed the original studio was donated to Mercer University, which has undertaken the restoration of this important musical landmark. The new facility will be known as Mercer Music at Capricorn.

"For 50 years API consoles and Capricorn Studios together have made a worldwide, profound impact in music and recording," said Music Producer and Writer Steve Ivey. "As a Mercer University music graduate who learned to record on an API console, under the direction of Capricorn producer Paul Hornsby, I am thrilled to be a part of the team taking Capricorn Studios and API into the next era of recording great music."