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Germany's first API 2448 Console

In the south of Germany, in the city of Ulm resides one of Germany's top producer/engineers. As the owner of the studio, Seismosonic, Matthias 'Butch' Mezger has been at the top of the German music scene, producing and engineering a variety of projects, that range from Pop/Rock, to HipHop and Jazz.

Mezger's relationship with API began over 10 years ago, when he purchased a 1608 console, the first in Germany. Several years later, with the addition of a 1608 Expander and API's then moving fader automation, Seismosonic became a 'mecca' for the warmth of an analog signal path.

Now, Seismosonic has just completed a major upgrade, with the acquisition of the first API 2448 console in Germany. The 24 channel desk boasts API 550A and 560 equalizers, API's Final Touch Moving Fader Automation system, and a full 56 inputs to the Mix Buses.

"Working in hybrid mode with the advantages of a DAW and coupling it to the workflow and sound of good analog equipment makes the most sense to me for my working environment", says Mezger. "The API 2448 is THE crucial centerpiece of my studio. The great thing with the 2448 is in using the desk in everyday studio life: producing and composing of songs, recording the right material with the best sound possible and mixing in a fast and spontaneous way. The routing and inline possibilities give me a lot of options and everything is tightly packed in a relatively small footprint but with the look and feeling of a large format console".

"The automation is just great in the analog domain to bring some more life into my mixes but, with the flick of a switch, it can also control my faders and other commands in my DAW...easy and quick workflow is thus guaranteed!"

"That API sound is always apparent: deep, wide and punchy with a lot of headroom. Everything sounds just better through this desk."

The console was supplied to Seismosonic by long time API German Distributor, ES Pro Audio, headed up by Erwin Strich. "It always makes me happy when things go smoothly and API's supply policy and technical services are definitely the fastest one can imagine. API delivers with professional fairness and unmatched skill, that's their bottom line!"

ES Pro enjoys a close relationship with Mezger and his team, despite the almost 200 kilometer distance between supplier and client. The close relationship between the companies includes Seismosonic being available for demos on the new console.

"Erwin Strich and ES Pro Audio have been a fantastic partner for us in Germany for many years," said Dan Zimbelman, API Director of Sales. "We're delighted to have the very first client in Germany for the 1608 console, now be the first client for the 2448!".