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API 1608-II Receives a Higher Calling

When Livingway Family Church realized that they needed to upgrade their audio production capabilities, Creative Pastor Chris Moore immediately contacted Mike and Mark Stitz of Cool Pony Productions for advice. Livingway is a vibrant, multi-campus church in Brownsville Texas, and like many churches is currently strengthening its outreach to families and communities with solid, professional-level content production.

Reaching out to the Stitz brothers was an easy decision for Pastor Chris. Both of the brothers have a wealth of experience in producing both recorded content and live productions for numerous artists, labels and churches. After a series of consultations, the decision was made to order an API 1608-II fully fitted with API 's proprietary Final Touch Moving Fader Automation. Now fully commissioned, the 1608-II is the centerpiece of the control room at Livingway, producing music for other artists, as well as its own worship music and its live stream audio. Pastor Chris sums it up with "How did we ever work without this console? "

"Mark and I have enjoyed the blessing of producing and recording for decades, and assisting countless artists, churches, and labels to reach people. For us, this is what it 's all about, " says Mike Stitz. "People, whether or not they know why, do notice and are drawn to media elements with higher production values. We recommend API because it instantly makes a huge difference in the sound of whatever we 're working on. A lot of gear is subtle, and there 's nothing wrong with that; subtle is great and it has its place. But API has the amazing ability to be either subtle, or not subtle at all, depending on your needs. Either way the depth, clarity, punch, and warmth are obvious and right up in your face. It just leaves you smiling from ear to ear. "